New Equipment Model

New Equipment Model

KinshoferOrange Peel Grab

The Kinshofer Orange Peel Grabs P Series are available with three, four or five tines depending on type and version and in four different tine profies for a perfect fit

- Fully closing tines (F)

- Half closing tines (H)

- Wide style of pointed tines (W)

- Pointed tines (T)

The hydraulic cyclinders are fitted with replaceable piston rod protections and are hydraulically cushioned. Wide opening ranges guarantee a good penetration and release behavior.

The grabs are available with rotator or integrated rotation (heavy duty) with sturdy slewing depending on the type. 

The heavy duty version features solid end stops, accurate fittings, reinforced bolts and large bearing surfaces amongst others.



Available Models

  • P22V with four or five tines for excavators with 16 to 22t 35200 to 48400lbs
  • P30V with three tines for excavators with 18 to 25t 39600 to 55000lbs
  • P30VHD with four or five tines for excavators with 20 to 30t 44000 to 66000lbs
  • P40VHD with three, four or fice tines for excavators with 26 to 40t 57200 to 88000lbs
  • P51VHD with four or five tines for excavators with 36 to 50t 79200 to 110000lbs