Health & Safety Policy

Environment, Health & Safety Policy Statements

Filtermech Plant Sales Limited (FPS) is a major supplier and hirer of construction plant and equipment to various markets throughout the UK and Eire. 

FPS is committed to the protection of the environment and the health and safety of all employees, contractors, customers, the local community and other members of the public affected by our operations and products.  The company will act positively to prevent pollution, injury and ill health arising from its activities and products. 

FPS continuously strives through careful monitoring of existing products and investigation of new technologies for improvement of the health, safety and environment profile of its products. 

We recognise the ongoing and potential impacts associated with our operational processes, all business activities including transportation, product storage and waste disposal present a risk to the environment.  We strive to understand these risks and strictly control them and to carry out regular site environmental monitoring. 

Taking all the above issues into consideration, commitment to continual improvement in the environment, health and safety standard of the company forms an integral part of our business decisions and performance monitoring.  Standards will not be compromised by other priorities.  This policy is fully endorsed by senior management and will be implemented by all employees and management throughout the company. 

To support and achieve our objectives, FPS is committed to the highest practical standard and the maintenance and continual improvement of the following principles: -

  • Ensuring full compliance with an applicable environmental and health and safety legislation and standards as a minimum requirement.
  • Controlling and minimising any adverse environmental effects or risks to health and safety from our activities through a structured management system which includes audits and inspections to check compliance.  This will include periodic review to ensure continued relevance and efficiency. 
  • Striving to improve the companies activities inline with technological advances to ensure risk to health and safety and the environment is reduces as far as is reasonably  practical.
  • Setting specific objectives to ensure continual improvement in the environmental and health and safety performance of the company. 
  • Carrying out risk assessments to determine and minimise the risk of the environment and health and safety of existing, new and modified activities.   
  • Seeking to develop and supply products that have a minimal impact on the environment whilst maintaining customer satisfaction. 
  • Taking positive steps to minimise energy consumption and reduce and recycle waste. 
  • Seeking to purchase products, materials and other services from reputable suppliers who conduct business in a responsible manner. 
  • Ensuring that information on our products combined with training encourages proper and safe use.  Storage, use and disposal with minimal effect on the environment. 
  • Ensuring this Environment, Health and Safety policy is explained to all employees, contractors and interested parties to encourage the attainment and maintenance of the highest standard of performance and collective responsibility. 
  • Carrying out adequate training at all levels within the organisation to ensure the requirements of the policy are realised. 
  • Committing adequate resources to implement this policy. 

This policy will be reviewed every 2 years or earlier if circumstances warrant it to ensure its further development and relevance to the companies operations and activities. 

Mr Jon Hewitt

December 2013