New Equipment Model

New Equipment Model


You can count on the Develon DL480-7 wheel loader to handle even the biggest amounts of material. This machine’s size is particularly useful for handling granular materials – such as sand and gravel – in industrial, mining and quarrying applications. And it’s an ideal machine for infrastructure applications too.

The standard Z-bar lift arm design minimises spillage while increasing productivity. Designed for heavy loads, the lifting geometry has fewer moving parts and precise positioning in all situations. Unload sticky or wet materials with the rapid bucket dump capabilities; and ensure gradual, precise control with the load sensitive control system.

The powerful hydraulic system shortens cycle times, and the Automatic Hydraulic differentials Lock help you work with confidence in soft or muddy conditions. Develon Telematics monitor your Develon heavy equipment and manage maintenance to reduce operating costs.


Operating Weight 26410kg
Engine Scania DC13 stage V
Engine power 345hp
Main pumps max flow 476 l/min
Number of cylinders 6
Travel speed 38 km/h
Maximum traction 24.2 ton
Buckets 4.5-5 m3
Sound level (internal / external) 71 dB(A) - 108 dB(A)
Overall width 3,300 mm
Overall height 3635mm
Overall length 9250 mm
Breakout force 209 kN


Tipping Weight 20.7
Engine Power 345 HP
Bucket Capacity 4.8m³
Operating Weight 26.4kg