New Equipment Model

New Equipment Model

KinshoferStatic Pulveriser

Designed for secondary demolition the Kinshofer static pulverisers are available in three different sizes and two versions each: standard or extreme version. All can break up reinforced concrete structures and separate steel. 

The standard version features an integrated dual action speed value, wheile the extreme version is featuring the patented DemaPower cyclinder, providing up to 20% more power and reducing the cycle times

Available Models

  • DSP-30 for excavators with 20 to 35t 44000 to 77000lbs and cycle times of 2.5 seconds (open) and 2.5 (close) at a closing force of 735Kn 161700lbf and a wide jaw opening for large parts of 885mm 34.84in
  • DSP-45 for excavators with 30 to 50t 66000 to 110000lbs and cycle times of 2.6 seconds (open) and 2.9 seconds (close) at a closing force of 980Kn 215600lbf and a wide jaw opening for large parts of 1015mm 39.96in
  • DSP-60 for excavators with 42 to 65t 92400 to 143000lbs and cycle times of 2.0 seconds (open) and 2.8 seconds (close) at a force of 1370Kn 301400lbf and a wide jaw opening for large parts of 1185mm 45.65in