New Equipment Model

New Equipment Model


The new DX230WMH-5 is 23 tonne stage IV compliant material handler for use in the solid waste, recycling, demoliation and forestry industries.

The DX230WMH-5 has two arm cyclinders for extra balance and a more stable arm to lessen movemet in attachments such as grapples. The maximum pin height is 11.7m, the maximum operating reach is 10.1m and the maximum working depth is 4.2m. Another special feature is the elevating cab which provides excellent visibility and hig flexibility. 


Operating weight 23700 kg
Engine DL06
Engine power 173hp
Max swing speed  9.8 RPM
Max swing torgue 6387 kgf.m
Travel speed (High / Low / Creep)  20 / 9 / 4 km/h
Max working reach 10045mm (gooseneck) / 10090mm (straight)
Max bucket pin height 11380mm (gooseneck) / 11675mm (straight)
Max working depth 4245mm (gooseneck) / 3970mm (straight)
Boom length 6100mm
Arm length (gooseneck)  4500mm
Arm length (straight) 4000mm
Cab elevating height 3755mm